How much to fry vendace

Fry a medium-sized vendace for 3-5 minutes on each side over medium heat without a lid.

How easy it is to fry vendace

Wash the vendace, if you have an urgent desire, gut it and remove the head, but you can clean it right while eating.

To clean the vendace from scales – the scales of the vendace are soft and pliable, amenable to an ordinary dishwashing sponge (spiky side).

At this point, you can put the pan on medium-high heat.

Put the fish in a plastic bag, pour in flour, semolina or breadcrumbs (for each fish – a quarter tablespoon of flour, that is, 2 tablespoons are enough for 8 fish), add spices for the fish. Shake the bag well so that the flour and spices cover the fish on all sides.

Put the vendace in a frying pan, poured with oil, next to each other in one layer, fry for 3-5 minutes until golden brown, then repeat the same with the other side.

Tasty Facts

How to clean
vendace Vendace can be cleaned very quickly: pry off the head with your fingers, pull out the insides and completely tear off the head.

How delicious to cook vendace
in Karelian style: fry vendace deliciously in butter, on an onion pillow, with potato wedges: pour water to the top of the food level and simmer for 30 minutes with low boiling, adding pepper and lavrushka. Then it is delicious to serve with the resulting gravy. Additionally, sour cream can be added at the end. Or you can clean the vendace from the insides, head and spine, and marinate the fillet in lemon juice and pepper for 10 minutes – it will take about 5 minutes to fry.

How to eat
vendace Pinch off the back – it is edible. Then remove the side meat from the skeleton, holding it by the head.