How much to fry morels

Rinse the morels well, soak for 1 hour in cold water, boil for 15 minutes, dry, chop and fry in a heated frying pan with the addition of vegetable oil for 15 minutes .
Deep-fried morels fry for 7 minutes.

How to fry morels

Morels – 300 grams
Butter – a cube of 3x3x3 centimeters
Lime – 1 piece
Ground black pepper and salt – to taste

How to fry morels in a pan
1. Peel, wash and cut the morels into slices.
2. Heat the pan, melt the butter on it, put the pieces of morels.
3. Salt mushrooms, pepper, sprinkle with lime juice.
4. Fry the morels for 15 minutes over medium heat without a lid, stirring occasionally.
5. A sign of ready-made fried morels is a golden crust.

Fried morels with lemon

Morels – half a kilo
Lemon – 2 pieces
Vegetable oil – 3 tablespoons
Salt – half a teaspoon
Pepper – half a teaspoon
Dill and parsley – to taste

How to fry
1. Peel, wash and cut morels into slices.
2. Pour the mushrooms with cold water and leave for 15 minutes, then change the water – so 3 times.
3. Put the mushrooms in a saucepan, pour water and put on fire.
4. Boil mushrooms for 15 minutes, put in a colander and cool slightly.
5. Cooled morels slightly squeeze out excess water and cut.
6. Sprinkle morels with salt and pepper, sprinkle with lemon juice.
7. Heat up the pan, pour in the oil.
8. Put the mushrooms and fry for 10 minutes.
9. Wash, dry and finely chop the greens.
When serving, sprinkle morels with chopped herbs.

How to extinguish morels in sour cream

Morels – half a kilo
Sour cream – 250 milliliters
Flour – 1 tablespoon
Vegetable oil – 1 tablespoon
Salt and pepper – to taste

How to stew morels in sour cream
1. Rinse and dry the morels.
2. Heat the pan, pour in the oil, fry for 10 minutes until a tender crust forms.
3. Mix sour cream with flour until the flour is completely dissolved, add half a glass of water.
4. Simmer 15 morels in sour cream for 15 minutes over low heat under a lid.

Deep-fried morels

Morels – 500 grams
Sunflower oil – 1.5 cups
Lemon – 1 piece
Dill – 1 bunch
Salt and pepper – half a tablespoon each

How to fry
1. Soak morels in cold water, boil and put in a colander.
2. Cool the mushrooms a little and cut.
3. Wash the dill, dry and chop finely.
4. Put the mushrooms in deep fat, salt, pepper, sprinkle with dill and mix. Drizzle with lemon juice when serving.