How much to cook the ear?

At home, cook the ear for 1 hour. Boil the ear on the fire for 1 hour too.

How to cook ear

Products per pan 5 liters
River fish (ruff, dace, perch, ide, bleak, rudd, crucian carp, pike, pike perch, salmon, salmon) – 1 kilogram
Chicken egg – 1 piece
Onion – 1 large head
Carrot – 1 piece
Lemon – half
Water – 3 liters
Salt and pepper – to taste

How to cook fish soup
1. Gut small fish, rinse the belly well, do not clean from scales.
2. Pour 3 liters of water into a saucepan, bring to a boil.
3. Peel onions and carrots and put in boiling water.
4. Boil vegetables for half an hour, then remove from the broth.
5. Salt the broth and lay out the fish.
6. Boil the fish in the ear over low heat without a lid for 15-30 minutes, depending on the type of fish.
7. Strain the broth through gauze or a sieve, and pour the egg white into it, leave for 10 minutes.
8. Gut large fish, clean, rinse well and chop, add to fish broth and cook for half an hour under a closed lid.
9. Salt and pepper the ear, squeeze lemon juice into it.
10. Close the ear tightly with a lid (you can additionally cover the ear with a blanket) and leave for 10 minutes.

Ear Facts

History of fish soup
— Fish soup is a traditional dish of Russian cuisine. By the way, earlier any soup was called fish soup – from pea to mushroom. Now the ear is bred into a subspecies of soups, since it is a rich fish stew with a small amount of vegetables.

How to cook an ear from the heads?
– You can make an ear out of fish heads – then you should put them one and a half times more than usual, so that the ear turns out to be no less rich than the classic one. In order for the ear from the heads to have a pleasant taste without bitterness and aroma, the fish heads must be thoroughly washed and the gills cut out.

Do you clean fish for fish soup?
– For the fish soup, they do not clean the scales from the fish, which brings its own flavor to the taste properties.

What kind of fish to take for the soup?
– Fish for fish soup is specially selected only to taste: you can send the whole catch at once to the ear, or you can only, for example, whitefish. If the ear is cooked from red fish, then, as a rule, only 1 type of fish is used so as not to mix different tastes. Transparent “white ear” is obtained from perch, ruff, pike perch, burbot and pike. Dark-colored broth is given by crucian carp, carp and carp. Salmon fish ear has a red tint. Fish soup can also be cooked from sea fish, best of all from cod, halibut or sea bass.

What kind of pot is used to cook fish soup?
– Dishes for fish soup should traditionally be cast iron, enameled or made of clay so that there is no oxidation. They even came up with a special dish for cooking fish soup on a fire – fish soup.

The taste of fish soup broth that makes it so different from the taste of any fish soup broth: slightly sticky, slightly sweet and astringent. The ear is always hearty, rich, with a dense broth. That is why a lot of fish is added to the fish soup and not a lot of vegetables are added – according to the recipe, fish soup is provided directly with broth and boiled fish.

What to add to the ear?
Put a little potato in the ear – 3-4 pieces are enough for a 3-liter pan. When cooking fish soup add allspice, parsley root, bay leaf. Parsley, dill, green onions and garlic are finely chopped and added at the very end of cooking. If the fish soup is boiled for several days, then the greens are added directly to the plates so as not to reduce the shelf life of the fish soup.
If you want to cook an ear that tastes close to homemade soup, you can add chopped wild garlic, chopped tomatoes, butter, chopped sour antonovka. In order to make the ear more satisfying, it is popular to add millet , rice or barley to it .

And one more thing. The
calorie content of fish soup is about 70 kcal / 100 grams and depends on the fat content of the fish used.

Keep the ear covered in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days.