How much to cook plum compote?

How to cook plum compote

Products for cooking compote from plums Plums – 1 kilogram Sugar – 1 kilogram Water – 2 liters Food preparation 1. Sort, clean from branches and leaves, wash and dry the plums. 2. Wash and wipe the plums with a napkin, divide each plum in half and remove the stone. How to cook plum compote in a saucepan 1. Boil water, pour plums with boiling water, cover and leave for 1 night at room temperature. 2. Put the plums in jars. 3. Drain the water from under the drains, pour into a saucepan, put on fire. 4. Add sugar, cook the syrup for 5 minutes after boiling over low heat. 5. Then fill jars with plums with boiling syrup. 6. Banks roll up and put away for storage. How to cook plum compote in a slow cooker1. Put plums into the capacity of the multicooker, sprinkling with sugar. 2. Fill the plums with water. 3. Set the multicooker to the “Extinguishing” mode, cook the compote for 1.5 hours under the closed lid of the multicooker. 4. Pour compote into jars and put away for storage.

Tasty Facts

– Compote from plums can also be cooked with seeds, however, plums for compote must be chosen dense, slightly unripe. – It is necessary to store plum compote in a cool dark place (up to 1 year), at room temperature it will be stored for no more than a month, after which the probability of fermentation is very high. – For a change, vanilla or cinnamon can be added to plum compote. – For different varieties of plums, syrup must be prepared, taking into account the characteristics of the variety: for plums of the “Hungarian” variety, take 700/300 for each kilogram of plums (indicated through a fraction of water and sugar), for the “Renclod” variety 600/400, for “Mirabelle” and the rest – 550/450. – Since plum compote can ferment if the workpiece is inaccurate, it is not recommended to put less sugar in the compote than plum: that is, for every kilogram of plums, at least1 kilogram of sugar. – It is also important to carefully clean the pulp of the plums from the stones so that the compote does not taste bitter. If the compote is sour, most likely it was prepared from unripe fruits. When serving, you can add sugar, honey or sweet compote. – Plums, if soft, it is recommended to blanch – keep in water at its temperature of about 85 degrees for 10-15 minutes, placing jars of compote in a pot of boiling water, the bottom of which is covered with gauze or a towel. This will keep the plums from losing their shape. – If the plum compote is prepared for 1-2 days, then you can cook it without peeling the plums from the stones. It is enough to bring water with sugar and plums to a boil – and cool, covered with a lid and wrapped in a blanket.