How much to cook jam from apricots?

It takes 1 hour to make jam from apricots.

How to cook jam from apricots

Ingredients for cooking
Apricots – 1 kilogram
Sugar – half a kilo

How to make jam from apricots
1. Select ripe apricots, wash, remove the stones, put in a saucepan.
2. Put the pan on the fire, cook the apricots for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
3. Put the apricots in a sieve and wipe – so that the skin does not get into the final jam.
4. Mix the resulting puree with sugar and cook until the jam acquires the consistency of liquid sour cream.
5. Pour hot apricot jam into hot sterilized jars and put away for storage.

How to cook apricot jam in a bread machine
1. Wash apricots, remove pits, cut into slices, chop with a blender.
2. Put apricot puree in a bucket of a bread machine, add sugar, mix, let stand for 1 hour.
3. Put the bucket with the blank in the bread machine, set the “Jam” mode.
5. After the end of the regimen, spread the hot jam into dry, clean jars and tightly close the lids.
When cooking apricot jam in a bread machine, reduce the rate of laying the products, while maintaining the indicated proportion. Approximately: for 500 grams of apricots take 350 grams of sugar.

How to cook apricot jam in a slow cooker
1. Wash the apricots, remove the pits, cut into pieces, chop with a blender.
2. Put apricot puree into a multicooker bowl, add sugar, mix.
3. Turn on the “Jam” mode, cook until the device turns off, stirring from time to time.
4. Put hot jam into jars and close with lids.

Tasty Facts about jam from apricots

– 10 minutes before the end of jam cooking, you can add lemon juice (for 1 kilogram of apricots – juice from half a lemon), or 1 orange.

– Caloric content of apricot jam – 240 kcal / 100 grams of jam.

– To make jam from apricots thicker, you can use pectin, confiture or gelatin, which are added about 10 minutes before the end of cooking, at the rate of 10 g of additive per 1 kilogram of apricots. Gelling additives allow you to reduce the amount of sugar used and the cooking time.

– There are almost no vitamins in apricot jam after cooking, but microelements and pectin are preserved, which helps to cleanse the body of toxins, toxins and cholesterol.

– When cooking jam from apricots in a slow cooker or bread machine, you need to take into account the volume of the appliance bowl and fill it no more than three-quarters.

– It is better to buy apricots for jam at the end of July, when the markets have a large selection of apricot varieties and high competition.

– Most often, large apricots are more expensive than small ones, but for jam, the size of crushed fruits is not important. Keep this in mind if you need to save money.

– The most tender jam is obtained if, after the initial cooking, the skin is removed. If the jam is cooked in large volumes, this can be neglected: the skins can be crushed with a blender and added to the pulp puree.

– The readiness of apricot jam is determined by putting a teaspoon of the product on a plate. If the jam does not spread, it is ready.