How much to cook flakes?

Cook the flake for 20 minutes.

How to cook flake

You will need – flake, salted water

1. Clean the flake mushrooms from forest debris, sort out – leave young mushrooms whole, take only hats from mature ones.
2. In young mushrooms, cut off the earthy base of the legs, wash the mushrooms well in cold water.
3. Cut large flakes into several pieces.
4. Put the peeled flakes in a saucepan, pour cold water to completely cover the mushrooms.
5. Place the saucepan over moderate heat, salt, cover, wait until it boils.
6. Boil the mushrooms for 20 minutes, sometimes removing the foam.

Tasty Facts

– Scale is the Russian name for the mushroom. Another common name, hinto comes from Japanese and means “slippery mushrooms”. His mushrooms were awarded because their caps were covered with a slippery jelly-like substance.

– Scales grow in large clusters on and under trunks. The hat reaches a diameter of 2 to 18 centimeters, rusty-yellowish in color with reddish scales. In young mushrooms, the hat is rounded, in adults it is flat-rounded. The flesh of the mushroom is whitish-yellow. The height of the leg is 7-10 centimeters, the diameter is 1-1.5 centimeters, the color is yellowish with brown-rusty scales.

– The taste of the flake resembles porcini mushrooms.

– Scales in Russia are common in the temperate zone, that is, in most of the country. It can be found in deciduous and coniferous forests in places of high humidity. The flake grows in large clusters on trunks, stumps, in hollows, roots.

– The flake must be distinguished from the inedible slippery flake. It has a characteristic taste and smell of radish. Outwardly, it differs from edible flakes by a darker brown-yellow cap, mucous and sticky to the touch. In dry weather, the hat can be dry, but shiny, with orange-red and brick-red tones predominating. Inedible flake grows more often not on trunks, but on the soil.