How much to cook compote from cranberries and apples

Cranberry-apple compote cook for 5 minutes. In total, you need to spend 30 minutes in the kitchen.

Cranberry and apple compote

For 3 liters of drink
Cranberries – 2 cups (300 grams)
Apples – 4 pieces (700 grams)
Sugar – 1 cup (200 grams)
Water – 2 liters
Mint – 1 sprig

Food preparation
1. Wash two glasses of cranberries using a colander.
2. Wash 4 apples, cut into random pieces (without core).

compote preparation
1. Place in a saucepan: cranberries, apples, a glass of sugar.
2. Pour in water.
3. Cook cranberry and apple compote for 5 minutes. Fire is small. After stopping heating, add a sprig of mint, let it brew for 20 minutes.

Tasty Facts

– You can add orange zest and a few cloves to cranberry and apple compote – the drink will acquire a spicy exotic taste.

– Apple-cranberry compote can be stored for the winter. To do this, pour hot drink into liter jars and sterilize for 7 minutes over low heat in a pot of boiling water.

– For compote, you can use frozen cranberries – the berries do not need to be thawed before cooking. Dried cranberries are also suitable for compote, which you need to take 3 tablespoons.

– In order for the drink to retain the maximum amount of vitamins, you can cook compote from apples, and crush cranberries in a cup with a pestle and add to the pan immediately after cooking.