How much to cook barley for pilaf?

Soak barley for 8 hours and cook in pilaf for 1 hour .

How to cook barley pilaf

Barley – 1 cup
Meat – 350 grams
Onion and carrot – 1 large
each Spices for pilaf – to taste
Garlic – 3 teeth

How to cook barley pilaf Soak barley
for 4 hours, then put it in a hot frying pan and heat it for 10 minutes until it dries, setting the fire to medium. Put barley, in this pan in oil, fry chopped meat with onions and carrots.

Salt, lay barley on top, put whole cloves of garlic and pour in water, cook for 1 hour.

Secrets of barley pilaf

Barley is great for pilaf, since its cooking time is consistent with the cooking time of meat.

As a meat component, you can use beef, pork, chicken, and to quickly cook pilaf, you can use bacon instead of meat.

The proportions of barley and meat – for each glass of barley 300 grams of meat. Water for each glass will need 3 glasses.

To make barley pilaf more fragrant and crumbly, before cooking, the grits can be heated in a frying pan without oil until the first cod.

For greater juiciness, you can add tomato paste or grated tomato without skin to pilaf.