How much to cook a raincoat?

Boil puffball mushrooms for 15 minutes.

Soup with mushrooms puffballs

What you need for soup from raincoats
per pot 4 liters
Raincoats – 400 grams
Chicken broth – 3 liters
Potatoes – 4 medium
Vermicelli – 50 grams
Onion – 1 head
Butter – 50 grams
Dill and parsley – a few sprigs
Salt, pepper – to taste

How to cook soup with raincoats
1. Put a pot with 3 liters of chicken broth on the fire.
2. Select and rinse raincoats, cut into large cubes (leave small raincoats intact).
3. Wash and peel the potatoes, cut into cubes.
4. Add potatoes to the broth.
5. Peel, chop and fry the onion in butter.
6. Add raincoats and fry for 5 minutes.
7. Put raincoats and onions, as well as vermicelli, into the broth, add salt and pepper.
8. Cook for 5 minutes under the lid, turn off the heat and leave for another 5 minutes.
9. Serve raincoat soup with chopped herbs.

How to pickle raincoats

per 1 kilogram of raincoats
Salt – a tablespoon
Vinegar – 5 tablespoons of vinegar 6%
Sugar – a tablespoon
Black peppercorns – 6 peas Cloves
– 2 pieces
Dill umbrellas – 3-4 umbrellas
Garlic – 3 cloves

How to cook pickled puffballs
1. Mushrooms sort, clean and cook.
2. Add salt, sugar and spices and boil for 10 minutes, add vinegar.
3. Put the mushrooms in jars, pour over the marinade and close.

Fun facts about raincoats

“Smooth raincoats are peeled, but no need for urchin ones.

– Only white young puffballs are eaten.

– If the leg of the raincoat is yellow, such a raincoat is not suitable for food.

The raincoat season runs from May to November.