How long to fry sausages

Fry the sausages for 7 – 10 minutes over medium heat without a lid.

How to fry hunting sausages

Hunting sausages – 500 grams
Onion – 1 head
Greens – 5 sprigs each
Sunflower oil – a quarter cup
Water – half a cup

Food preparation
1. Cut the onion into half rings.
2. Cut greens. You can take dill, tarragon, basil, cilantro – any aromatic herbs.
3. Put the sausages in a pot of boiling water for 30 seconds and pull out. This is so that the natural casing of sausages does not crack during frying.

Cooking sausages
1. Pour a quarter cup of sunflower oil into a frying pan. Warm up for 1.5 minutes, fire – medium.
2. Add ready-made hunting sausages to the heated oil. Fry 2 minutes.
3. Turn the sausages over, fry for 2 minutes.
4. Fill the sausages with onions, add half a glass of water, cover with a lid.
5. Reduce the heat and simmer the sausages for 7 minutes.
6. Make medium heat, remove the lid, move the sausages to the edge of the pan – move the onion to the middle. Fry, stirring onion half rings, 5 minutes.
Put sausages with onions on a dish, sprinkle with herbs.

How to fry sausages in bacon

Thin raw sausages – 8 pieces Raw
smoked bacon sliced ​​- 1 pack
Onion – 2 heads
Greens – a bunch
Salt – a pinch
Lemon juice – a tablespoon
Vegetable oil – a quarter cup

Food preparation
1. Cut two onions into half rings. Salt and sprinkle with a tablespoon of lemon juice.
2. Cut greens – dill, parsley, cilantro.
3. Wrap each sausage tightly with a piece of raw smoked bacon in a spiral. For the recipe, it is better to take ready-made sliced ​​\u200b\u200b- it is quite difficult to cut the bacon so thinly on your own. The ends of the bacon can be fastened with a toothpick, being careful not to pierce the casing of the sausage.

Cooking sausages
1. Pour a quarter cup of vegetable oil into a frying pan (preferably cast iron).
2. Place the pan on the fire (medium), heat the oil for 1.5 minutes.
3. Put sausages wrapped in bacon into hot oil.
4. Fry for about 3 minutes on each side.
5. Move the sausages to the sides of the pan. Place onion half rings in the middle. Fry 3 minutes, stirring.
6. Reduce the fire. Fry sausages with onions for 7 minutes. Turn the sausages over once and stir the onions twice – do this carefully, otherwise the onion half rings will lose their shape.
Put fried sausages around the perimeter of the dish, fried onions in the middle, sprinkle with herbs.