How long to fry cevapcici

Fry chevapchichi for 10 minutes over medium heat, turning different sides every 2 minutes.

How to fry cevapcici

1. Heat a frying pan over medium heat, pour a couple of tablespoons of oil.
2. While the pan is heating, put the chevapchichi on a cutting board and separate the chevapchichi from each other so that they do not fall apart during frying.
3. Place the chevapchichi on the pan so that they do not touch.
4. Fry chevapchichi for 10 minutes, turning different sides every 2 minutes.
5. Serve cevapcici with chopped vegetables drizzled with oil.

Serve cevapcici with spicy sauce (mustard, ketchup) and chopped onions.

Tasty Facts

Chevapchichi – in fact, the same kebab sausages , only in the composition of 2 types of minced meat, and not one, and they have the shape not of sausages, but of small rectangular cutlets.

How to fry Miratorg chevapchichi: as a rule, they are quite long, so you should either take a large frying pan or lightly squeeze the chevapchichi with your hands to make them shorter. The second rule: do not put the entire package of chevapchichi on the pan, first separate them among themselves. The third rule: turn the chevapchichi with a spatula without pressing hard on the chevapchichi so that the juice does not flow out. Keep in mind that when frying, chevapchichi are fried by 20-30 percent. Since cevapcici miratorg is not very spicy, it is recommended to either sprinkle them with ground pepper when frying, or serve with hot sauce.

The composition of chevapchichi is minced meat and spices. To make cevapcici at home, mix ground pork and ground beef, salt, season and roll into sausages.

Before you fry chevapchichi, you can dip them in flour, then in an egg, and then in breadcrumbs – this is a recipe for how to fry chevapchichi with a crispy crust. To fry cevapcici with sauce, simply add it after frying on all sides, cover and simmer for 3 minutes.