How long to cook old corn?

Boil old corn for 50 minutes .

How to boil old corn

You will need – 4 ears of corn, water.

1. Put a pot of water on the fire.
2. While the water is boiling, clean the corn from leaves and stigmas – on old corn, these are whitish, already slightly dried leaves and dark-colored stigmas. If available, cut out rotten grains.
3. Put the cobs in the pan (if necessary, break each cob in half).
4. Wait until it boils, reduce the heat so that the cobs are cooked with a quiet bubbling, slightly covered with a lid.
5. Boil the corn for 50 minutes, try to pierce the grain with a fork: if soft, then the old corn cobs will not yield to the young ones in taste.
6. If the grain is hard, cook for another 10 minutes.

Cooking rules

By old corn they mean overripe, or plucked for a long time – the cooking method for old and stale corn is the same, the cooking time is 50 minutes. There is a chance to buy old corn only at the end of the season and due to inexperience. At the same time, overripe corn can also be stale, and then the cooking time should be increased by 10 minutes.

Old corn has slightly dried, hard grains that are difficult to pierce with a fingernail; when pressed on the grain, juice will appear, but not much. The color of the leaves of old corn is whitish, the leaves are thin and dried up. It is better not to buy old corn without leaves at all, since it is the leaves that are responsible for maintaining the juiciness and taste of the boiled cob. The corn stigmas of old corn are dry, whitish or even brown. According to the color of the grains, the old age of corn does not differ from the young one – from greenish to light yellow shades.

Overripe cobs are large, the grains seem to grow from each other, such corn needs the same long cooking as stale corn.

The stalk of the old cob is thick, while the cob itself may be of a medium size. In order to break an ear of old corn in half, you will need to apply physical effort.