How long to cook noodles?

To cook noodles, you will need a large amount of boiling water or broth. Pour the entire amount of noodles into the boiled liquid at once and mix immediately so as not to stick together. Cook for 5-7 minutes depending on the size and thickness of the noodles. Boil egg noodles faster than usual, 3-4 minutes.

How easy it is to cook noodles

You will need – noodles, water, salt, oil to taste

    • 1. Boil the water – there should be plenty of water, especially if you prefer to leave the length of the noodles without breaking them. For 100 grams of noodles, at least 2 liters of water.
    • 2. Noodles should be started to be cooked over high heat with the most active boiling of water, since pasta cools water and if the fire is small, boiling will stop due to this cooling, and noodles will instantly stick together in non-boiling water.
    • 3. When the water is actively boiling, add salt (for 2 liters of water 1 teaspoon of salt) and a little ordinary oil so that the noodles do not stick together.
    • 4. The water is ready for boiling noodles – now lower the noodles into the pan and immediately begin to stir vigorously with a spoon. Due to the structure, noodles instantly stick together, it is rather difficult to unstick them during cooking. For the same purpose, pasta is not covered with a lid.
    • 5. When cooking, it is important that the noodles are completely immersed in water along the entire length. If this does not happen, the water evaporating from the pan will act like glue on the still-dry pasta. And if a gas stove is used when cooking, then the fire can melt the pasta and the dish will be spoiled. Therefore, you should not move away from the stove in the first couple of minutes of cooking.
    • 6. After cooking, the noodles should be thrown into a colander, shaken lightly in it and returned to the hot pan. Add oil there and cover the noodles so that they do not cool down as long as possible.

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How to cook shrimp noodles

Noodles – 50 grams
Peeled shrimp – 200 grams
Parsley – 1 small bunch
Sweet bell pepper – 1 piece
Lemon – half
Canned green peas – 3 tablespoons
Salt and pepper – to taste

How to cook shrimp noodles
1. Boil 1 liter of water.
2. Pour noodles into boiled water, cook for 5-7 minutes, transfer to a colander and rinse under running water.
3. Boil 1 cup of water in a saucepan, put in the shrimp and cook for 3 minutes after boiling.
4. Cool the shrimp a little and peel them from the shell.
5. Wash the bell pepper, cut the stalk, remove the seeds and cut into thin half rings.
6. Heat a frying pan over medium heat, pour in the oil, put the noodles and fry for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally.
7. Put the shrimps, peppers, green peas and mix, fry for another 2 minutes.
8. Wash parsley and chop finely.

Serve noodles with shrimp, sprinkled with chopped herbs on top.

Tasty Facts

Historically, in Russia, noodles are what they “hang on their ears”. Long, round or flat pasta, sometimes quite thick. Therefore, it is quite difficult to confuse noodles with vermicelli – small and thin pasta, which is why it is also called “cobweb”. In fact, manufacturers and sellers everywhere call noodles vermicelli, and even “instant noodles” (Doshirak or Rollton), and pasta in general, but a specific product is originally meant by classic noodles. This is important, because real noodles must be cooked, and not for 1-2 minutes, like vermicelli, but for at least 5. If mixed up, the dish will be spoiled.

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One type of noodle is flat fettuccine pasta .

Noodles are thin and thick. Thin is usually sold in stores in dry form, thick for lagman – chilled or frozen. The general rule is that the thicker the noodles, the longer they cook, but the length and width of these pasta does not affect the cooking time: if the thickest part is cooked to softness, then the noodles are completely ready. To make sure that it is ready, catch 1 noodles in the pan with a fork, blow on it and try it. If there is no hint of stiffness, then the noodles are cooked.

The most delicious side dish noodles are made from durum wheat without the addition of eggs. Such noodles will serve as a crumbly side dish, will not stick together during cooking and will complement any dishes, especially with sauce. But sometimes noodles are taken to be slightly boiled and absorb the tastes of other products of the dish – then you can buy cheaper noodles, with eggs, it will be softer than first-class, but it will be combined organically with other products.

noodle soup recipe

Noodles – 50 grams
Bean curd Tofu – 100 grams
Ginger – 2 pieces
Fresh cilantro – 2 stalks
Chili pepper – 1 piece
Garlic – 1 prong
Vegetable broth – 1 liter
Soy sauce – 2 tablespoons
Mushrooms – 100 grams
Carrots – 2 medium
Lemon juice – from a quarter of a lemon

How to cook Thai noodle soup
1. Pour vegetable broth into a saucepan and put on fire.
2. Add cilantro, pepper, garlic and ginger.
3. Bring the broth to a boil and cook for 25 minutes over low heat, covered with a lid.
4. Cut the tofu cheese, put it in a bowl, pour over soy sauce and leave for half an hour.
5. Pour water into the pan, bring to a boil, put the noodles.
6. Boil the noodles for 5-7 minutes, then put in a colander, drain the water and arrange on plates.
7. Strain the vegetable broth, return to the fire.
8. Grate the carrots on a coarse grater, wash the mushrooms and cut into slices.
9. Add Tofu with soy sauce, carrots and mushrooms to the vegetable broth, cook for 5 minutes.
10. Pour the noodles with the resulting mixture, sprinkle with lemon juice.
Serve Thai soup with wheat noodles and garnish with cilantro leaves.