How long to cook matsutake?

Soak dried matsutake in water for 1 hour, cook after boiling for 5 minutes.

How to cook matsutake

You will need – matsutake, water, salt

1. Gently rinse the matsutake mushrooms.
2. Cut off the earthy part at the legs of the mushrooms – one centimeter from the cut point.
3. Soak the matsutake mushrooms in water for an hour.
4. When the mushrooms increase about three times, add water if necessary so that it completely covers the mushrooms, place on medium heat.
5. From the moment of boiling, cook matsutake for 5 minutes – it is important not to overcook them, because. overcooked mushrooms run the risk of turning into porridge.

Tasty Facts

Matsutake is a mushroom of the tricholoma genus common in Asia, popular in Japanese, Chinese, Korean cuisines. The flesh is light, has a spicy aroma reminiscent of cinnamon. Matsutake grows in colonies under trees, with the roots of some entering into cohabitation – symbiosis. In Japan, usually with red pine, for which it received the name: matsutake – from Japanese means “pine mushroom”.

– Matsutake mushroom grows in China, Japan, Korea, Finland, Sweden, North America. In America it is found under fir and pine. Prefers infertile, dry soil.

– Matsutake can be ordered in online stores with delivery from China in dried form. Price from 800 rubles / 300 grams. From this amount of dried mushrooms, approximately 1 kilogram of soaked mushrooms will be obtained.

– Calorie content of matsutake – 28 kcal / 100 grams.