How long to cook brown (brown) rice?

Boil brown rice for 40 minutes over low heat under a closed lid.

How to cook brown rice

Brown rice must be taken in proportion to 1 cup of rice 3 cups of water.
1. Rinse rice, hold in cold salted water for 20 minutes and rinse again.
2. Pour water into a saucepan, put the saucepan on fire.
3. Add brown rice, salt and spices (parsley, curry, dill) to boiled water.
4. Cook brown rice for 40 minutes over low heat with a lid on.
5. Throw brown rice in a colander and rinse with warm boiled water.
6. Return the grits to the pan and leave covered for 10 minutes.
Brown rice is served as a side dish with butter or ghee.

How to cook brown rice quickly

1. Rinse rice.
2. Put the rice in a colander, let the water drain, soak in cold salted water for 1 hour; then drain the water again.
3. Put the rice in boiling water and cook for 20 minutes.
4. Remove the pan from the heat, wrap it in paper and wrap it in a blanket for 40 minutes.

Tasty Facts

Brown rice is an unpolished and unprocessed cereal, the most useful type of rice, the most high-calorie, but requiring long cooking (cooking). Brown rice is named for its brownish hue, although it often has a grayish color.

In general, brown rice should be soaked for an hour so that it is saturated with moisture. Depending on the variety, the cooking time may vary and range from 20 to 40 minutes. After cooking, the rice is infused under the lid for an hour for greater softness.