How long to cook bread soup?

Bread soup is boiled for 30 minutes.

Sweet bread soup

Stale black bread (Darnitsky or Borodino) – 400 grams
Apple juice (ideally fresh) – 100 milliliters
Water – 2 liters
Lemon – half
Cream (fat content 30%) – 200 milliliters
Sugar – a third of a glass
Raisins – 2 tablespoons
Cinnamon in powder – on the tip of a knife

How to cook bread soup
1. Cut the bread into transverse pieces with a centimeter thickness.
2. Pour two liters of warm water into the pan, put bread in it, place it on the burner over high heat, wait for it to boil.
3. Pour in apple juice, put sugar, stir, wait until it boils.
4. Wash the raisins in warm water, add to the pot with the soup, keep for 3 minutes over medium heat – the bread should completely soften.
5. Remove the hot bread soup from the burner, cool completely.
6. Add squeezed lemon juice to the cream, beat with a mixer or whisk for 5 minutes until thick.
7. Pour the soup into bowls, garnish with whipped cream and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Tasty Facts
– Bread soup belongs to the northern European cuisine. There are several types of dishes: fruit, chocolate, meat and others. In Russia, unsweetened bread soup is called tyurya.

– Bread soup is common in Denmark, Latvia, Sweden, Finland.

Unsweetened bread soup

Stale black bread – 100 grams
Meat broth (can be replaced with water) – 250 milliliters
Onions – 1 head
Vegetable oil – 50 milliliters
Fat – 50 grams
Parsley – a bunch
Salt – to taste

How to cook unsweetened bread soup
1. Cut the bread into squares 2 cm thick, put in a deep cup.
2. Peel the onion, cut into squares.
3. Chop the lard into strips half a centimeter thick, two in length.
4. Pour oil into the pan, fry the onion and lard for 5 minutes over medium heat.
5. Place the broth on medium heat, wait for it to boil.
6. Put the fried bacon and onions in a cup of bread, pour boiling broth.
7. Wash parsley, chop, put in soup.

Your savory soup is cooked!