How long to cook beets in a bag?

Cooking time for beets in a bag is from 40 minutes to half an hour.

How to cook beets in a bag

You will need – beets, a package

1. Wash the beets and put them in a bag – each beet in a separate bag. Release the air as much as possible and make a loose knot at the very top.
2. Put the beets in a saucepan, pour water and put on a large fire, after boiling, reduce the fire. The edges of the bag should stick out of the water, but the beets were completely covered with water.

3. Small beets (about 200 grams) will cook in 50 minutes and become pliable for piercing, boil large beets 400-500 grams for 2 hours.
4. Check the beets for readiness. To do this, take the bag by the knot, pull it out of the pan and remove it from the hot steam on a plate, untie the knot and pierce the beets with a fork: it should pass freely into the beets.

5. Pour boiled beets directly in the bag with cold water and hold for 5 minutes to cool down for subsequent cleaning: with a knife, just pry off the skin – it always comes off boiled beets very easily.

Beets cooked in this way are suitable for serving as a side dish, for use in salads or vinaigrette .


About this cooking method

Beets in a bag are cooked for the same time as in the usual way . The difference here is only in convenience: it is not necessary to wash the pan from beet scale, the beets do not smell throughout the apartment and have a bright color. In addition, with this method, cut beet peels are sent in the same bag, which is convenient for cleaning.

It makes no sense to try to release all the air from the bag – firstly, it is physically impossible, and secondly, the air rises during cooking and does not interfere with the heating process.