How long to cook apple jam?

Cook apple jam in a saucepan for 40 minutes .

Cook apple jam in a slow cooker in the “Extinguishing” mode for an hour and a half .

Cook apple jam in a bread machine on the “Jam” mode for 1 hour .

How to cook apple jam

Apples – 1 kilogram
Sugar – 700 grams
Water – half a glass

How to cook apple jam
1. Wash the apples, peel, cut in half and remove the core.
2. Thinly or finely chop the apples.
3. Put the apples in a saucepan, pour water and put the saucepan on fire.
4. Boil apples for 30 minutes over low heat, stirring with a wooden spoon or spatula.
5. Add sugar to the apples and mix.
6. Cool the apples, chop with a blender into a puree.
7. Return the apples to a quiet fire and cook for 10 minutes after boiling, stirring occasionally.
8. Pour the jam into warm sterilized jars and twist, turn the jars over and wrap them with a blanket. Wait until it cools completely and store.

Как варить яблочное повидло в мультиварке
1. Яблоки помыть, почистить, разрезать пополам и вырезать с помощью ножа сердцевины.
2. Тонко нарезать и выложить яблоки в мультиварку.
3. Добавить сахар и перемешать.
4. Настроить мультиварку на режим «Тушение».
5. Варить полтора часа, раз в полчаса перемешивать.
6. Разлить повидло по банкам, закрутить и остудить под одеялом. Затем убрать на хранение.

Как варить повидло в хлебопечке
1. Чищенные яблоки порезать дольками и выложить в ёмкость хлебопечки, засыпать сахаром.
2. Настроить хлебопечку на режим «Джем», время — 1 час.
3. Вареное повидло измельчить с помощью блендера, разлить по банкам, остудить и убрать на хранение.

Фкуснофакты о яблочном повидле

– Soft and juicy fruits of summer varieties are suitable for cooking jam. White filling, Melba, Pear will quickly boil. Apples with red or striped skins are suitable for getting a red hue.

The longer you cook jam, the darker it will be.

– When brewing apple jam, the initial volume of apple mass decreases by 2 times. It is worth considering that when it cools down, apple jam will become thicker.

– The readiness of apple jam is checked as follows: put a teaspoon of the product on a plate (dry, cold). If the jam retains its shape (does not spread) – it is ready.

– How much sugar to take depends on the variety of apples: if the fruits are sour, increase the amount of sugar by 30%.

– When cooking, you can add slices of lemon or orange (with peel), citrus fruits will give a delicate aroma and add piquancy to apple jam.

– To cook jam without adding sugar, boil apple slices for 10 minutes in a small amount of water (200 milliliters of water per 1 kilogram of apples), then rub through a sieve and boil for 10 minutes. Jam cooked without sugar should only be placed in sterilized jars.

– Caloric content of apple jam – 190 kcal / 100 g.

– The main value of apple jam is natural pectin substances that can remove toxins and salts of heavy metals from the body.

– Apple jam is used as an independent sweet dessert, as well as a filling for pancakes, pies, donuts, waffles.

– Store apple jam in a dark, cool place for up to 3 years.